About Unbeatable Banzuke
Unbeatable Banzuke, originally "Kinniku Banzuke" ("Muscle Ranking") in Japan, is a sports variety show where contestants try to complete seemingly "unbeatable" games in order to win prizes.

Originally broadcast weekly in Japan, from October 1995 - May 2002, Unbeatable Banzuke brought to the UK by Challenge, where it was turned into a series of half-hour episodes hosted by Brian Blessed.
In the UK version, 'Banzuke Brian' is the challenge-setter in the Temple of Banzuke. The contestants are said to be trying to beat him by defeating his games.

Each show qualifying contestants and professional sportsmen take on challenges that have been designed not to be beaten. Each game requires extreme strength or skill, or a lot of time strength AND skill, to successfully complete them.
If a game is ever completed it gets redesigned to make it even harder, and once again 'unbeatable'.

The success of the show led to several spin-offs, including SASUKE ("Ninja Warrior") and Viking.